1 Out of Every 10 Texas Sixth Graders Has Had Sex

Everything's bigger in Texas, including the state's problem with underage sex. According to a recent study, one in ten sixth graders in Texas has already had sex by age 11 or 12, and 22 percent of seventh graders have had sex. The figures increase by about 10 percent every grade after that.

The study comes from research which examines the state's sexual standing compared to national averages, which was compiled by the University of Texas and the Centers of Disease control. Historically, Texas has done poorly when it comes to teenage pregnancies and sexual education.

Texas has the highest teen birth rate in the country, which 6.31 percent of girls getting pregnant between the age of 15 and 19, compared to the national average of 3.9 percent.

The study found that one in 10 of sixth grade girls and boys have sex by age 11 or 12, 22 percent of seventh grades in Texas are having sex, and 29 percent in eighth grade are having sex. Once high school begins in 9th grade, the rate goes up about 10 percent each year. By the time they graduate, 62 percent of Texas teens have already had sex.

One of the worrisome aspects of the study is the lack of sexual education provided throughout the state. Along with being more likely to have had sex with four or more partners, Texas middle school and high schoolers are less likely to have used any form of birth control as compared to their national counterparts.