Occupy Cleveland Wins Injunction Against City of Cleveland In Federal Court to End Curfew of Protest

Photo by Adam Misztal
Occupy Cleveland has won the right to hold their protests 24 hours on Public Square. The group posted this message to their Facebook page an hour ago:


Occupy Cleveland has won our federal lawusit against the city of Cleveland! There is now an injunction against enforcing the 10pm curfew!

24/7 occupation of the Tom Johnson quarter of public square begins right now! Victory rally begins right now!

The Cleveland Police Department had arrested 11 demonstraters on Friday night while hundrends of other supporters watch the events unfold in the center of Cleveland. The Occupy Cleveland movement is part of the larger Occupy Wall Street protests that have spread worldwide. The Occupy movements are a part of the global revolt and demonstration against the world's largest financial institutions who the group says caused a financial meltdown that the vast majority are paying for.