"Alien Skull" Found in Peru is Most Likely a Hoax

The so-called "alien skull" recently discovered in Peru might not be so alien afterall. The skeletal structure features an oversized, triangular-shaped skull nearly as large as the being's small body, which have led many to conclude that it is not human and must therefore be an alien being from another planet. But even the man who discovered the remains insists that it is a human child with some type of deformity and not extraterrestrial life.

Peruvian anthropologist Renato Davila Riquelme made the discovery, and has declared the remains as those of a child. But the alien skull story picked up momentum when RPP, a Peruvian news site, published an article that featured a number of quotes from anonymous, unnamed Spanish and Russian scientists who claim that the remains are "clearly" those of an alien.

A statement from the scientists read:

"It has a non-human appearance. The head is triangular and big, almost the same size as the boy... yes, it's an extraterrestrial being."

The scientific community has long hypothesized that if alien life exists, it is unlikely to look similar to humans. Critics of the "alien skull" theory say that the skull could be that of a hydrocephalic child or a tribal member that underwent tribal rituals that involved skull modification, an ancient practice dating back thousands of years.

Artificial cranial deformation has been practices as far back as 45,000 BC when it was seen in Neanderthal skulls. It's also been traced back to the Proto-Neolithic Homo sapiens from the 12th millenium BCE. Ritual cranial deformation typically begins just after the birth of a child and over the course of the next few years until the desired shape is reached or the child rejects the apparatus used for modification. The practice was generally done to signify group affiliation or to demonstrate social status.

Photo: Artificially deformed skulls from the Andean Paracas culture.

The recently discovered Peruvian skull has some similarities with skulls from the Andean Paracas culture. These skulls were deformed artificially.

Until these so-called scientists come forth and reveal their identities, it's safe to assume that the remains are that of a human child and not an alien.