Black Friday Chaos Erupts Across the U.S., Includes Bomb Threats, Pepper Spray & Gunfire

Tales of Black Friday sales shoppers camping out to be first in line, and pushing and shoving to get the coveted item at retail stores have become all too common in recent years. This year, with sales starting earlier than ever on Thanksgiving Day, the chaos seems to have erupted across the U.S. in even more profound ways. In Los Angeles, a woman pepper sprayed fellow shoppers to keep them from nabbing the goods, there was a bomb scare at a Phoenix Wal-Mart, and in North Carolina, gunfire went off in a shopping mall.

At a Los Angeles Wal-Mart, at least 20 shoppers suffered minor injuries after a female shopper desperate to score some discounted electronics pepper sprayed a crowd to keep them away from the merchandise she wanted. The incident occurred just after 10:20pm on Thursday as Black Friday bargain hunters were allowed inside the store.

According to police, the suspect began to shoot pepper spray when the coverings of items she wanted were removed. Witnesses say that rabid shoppers at this particular LA area Wal-Mart ripped down video game displays, trampled merchandise, and shoved each other. Police are still looking for the woman responsible for pepper spraying the shoppers.

Meanwhile, on the East Coast in Fayetteville, NC, gunfire erupted at a local mall as holiday shoppers gathered. The first shots were fired around 2am outside the mall near a food court entrance, and several more shots were fired after one of the suspects ran inside the mall. Fortunately no injuries were reported.

Another Wal-Mart in Phoenix, AZ, had an out-of-the-ordinary Thanksgiving evening when the store at Cave Creek Road and Carefree Highway was evacuated due to a suspicious package. The thousands of customers lined up outside the store for Black Friday deals were kept back.

An employee reported seeing a strange package inside a fridge in the employee break room. Police arrived and confirmed that it looked like an explosive. The store was packed with customers hanging around for the Black Friday deals set to kick off at midnight. Police decided not to take any chances and evacuated the store.

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