Linda Hogan and Her 23-Year-Old Fiance to Star in VH1 Reality Show

If you've been out of the loop for awhile, you might not be aware that Hulk Hogan and his former wife Linda split up and that she started dating a man almost the same age as her son. It's clearly been doomed for disaster from the start. Now Linda, 52, and her fiance Charlie Hill, 23, will be hashing out their issues with therapist Dr. Jenn Berman in the new VH1 reality series "Couples Therapy" to debut in mid-March.

A family friend told the National Enquirer:

“Linda and Charlie’s relationship is littered with dysfunction and they’ve split up and gotten back together numerous times. Not long ago, Linda got so fed up with Charlie that she actually paid him to get out of her life. But she had a change of heart as soon as she learned Charlie hooked up with someone else.”

Soon after Linda kicked Charlie out of her Los Angeles home, the serial freeloader hooked up with another older woman at an LA club that her son Nick, 21, also happened to be at that night. Nick "blabbed about everything" said a friend, who added:

“As soon as Linda heard that her shoes had been filled so quickly – and with another older woman – she went ballistic!”

After getting over her anger, she became jealous and pushed him into getting back together.

The producers of "Couples Therapy" heard about their relationship troubles (as well as desperation for fame and money), and convinced Linda and Charlie to do the show. They are reportedly more than halfway through filming.