Cleveland Ranked as 14th Best City for Public Transportation

The City of Cleveland is ranked as the 14th best city for public transportation by study done by Cleveland was the highest ranked city in Ohio with Columbus the only other city in the Buckeye State ranked in the top 25. New York City topped the list.

"Walk Score's transit ratings are a great way for people to quickly and easily understand how well their home, neighborhood and city is served by public transit," said Harriett Tregoning, Director of the Washington DC Office of Planning. "In Washington DC we're proud of our transit system; Metrorail alone carries more than 200 million riders a year. And as gas, parking and other car related costs continue to rise, easy access to public transit is increasingly a key decision making factor for people deciding where to live."

Here is the complete rankings released today:

1) New York (Transit Score: 81)
(2) San Francisco (Transit Score: 80)
(3) Boston (Transit Score: 74)
(4) Washington, DC (Transit Score: 69)
(5) Philadelphia (Transit Score: 68)
(6) Chicago (Transit Score: 65)
(7) Seattle (Transit Score: 59)
(8) Miami (Transit Score: 57)
(9) Baltimore (Transit Score: 57)
(10) Portland (Transit Score: 50)
(11) Los Angeles (Transit Score: 49)
(12) Milwaukee (Transit Score: 49)
(13) Denver (Transit Score: 47)
(14) Cleveland (Transit Score: 45)
(15) San Jose (Transit Score; 40)
(16) Dallas (Transit Score: 39)
(17) Houston (Transit Score: 36)
(18) San Diego (Transit Score: 36)
(19) San Antonio (Transit Score: 35)
(20) Kansas City (Transit Score: 34)
(21) Austin (Transit Score: 33)
(22) Sacramento (Transit Score: 32)
(23) Las Vegas (Transit Score: 32)
(24) Columbus (Transit Score: 29)
(25) Raleigh (Transit Score: 23)