Did LeBron James Impregnate Fired Cleveland Anchorwoman Sharon Reed?

Did you notice that NBA MVP LeBron James' soon-to-be-wife Savannah Brinson didn't join him on court for the championship celebration? She may have had a good reason for sitting out. According to the [latest rumors] on various gossip websites, James has a love child with an ex-Cleveland news anchor, Sharon Reed, who allegedly not only two-timed Cleveland fans still upset with James' "Decision", but also Savannah.

The affair between James and Reed, who was then an anchor with 19 Action News WOIO, is said to have dated back to when James was still in Cleveland playing for the Cavaliers. The steamy affair is also said to have continued after his move to Miami, where he joined the Heat.

Reed was reportedly traveling to and from Miami, where their affair continued. She then fell pregnant, and according to "sources close to Reed", many of her coworkers at Channel 19 said that they knew who the father was.

Sharon was soon fired from WOIO for breaking moral codes in her contract.

James is said to have tried covering up the baby, and is taking care of Reed. Reed is reportedly not looking for another job in the TV news business because James is covering all her expenses.

Reed has posted on Twitter announcing that she will soon respond to the rumors that are currently circulating the Internet.

Update & Disclaimer:

On Thursday evening, The Cleveland Leader received via e-mail a cease and desist letter purportedly from a lawyer representing Ms. Reed. The Cleveland Leader in no way presents the rumors, which have been reported on numerous other websites, as fact. Until proven otherwise, these are mere allegations and may in fact not be true. However, as a news organization, we consider reporting on the existence of rumors to be valid. Should Ms. Reed like to issue a statement, we would be more than happy to report on that as well.

Read the full C&D letter as sent to The Cleveland Leader here:

Dear Editors,

I am Sharon Reed's attorney. Your company has published on its website outrageous irresponsible falsehoods regarding Sharon Reed.

You are on notice your statements regarding Ms. Reed's relationships are absolutely false, libelous and extremely damaging.

You are ordered to immediately cease and desist from publishing these statements in any electronic or printed format. You must immediately remove these articles from your website and issue a retraction and full public apology to Ms. Reed for your libelous conduct.

I am appalled that you would publish such lies without ever contacting Ms. Reed or her representatives. Ms. Reed is a top-rated award-winning journalist. Your conduct falls below the lowest standard of professionalism.

Please have your lawyer contact me immediately to discuss remedying the damage you have done to Ms. Reed and her family. I can be reached on my cell phone at 216-346-7376.


Mark Griffin

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