Rob Portman Admits That Mitt Romney Isn't as Likable as Barack Obama

Republican operatives are hoping that voters will take a chance on Mitt Romney, but admit that he's not the most likable candidate.

Ohio Senator Rob Portman admitted:

“I think likability is important. But it’s almost an acceptability standard."

In other words, Romney doesn't have to be the most likable guy. If voters are ready for a change in the White House, the GOP contends that Romney just needs to look like a credible alternative to Obama.

The GOP is correct in their assessment of Romney's likability. According to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released on Monday, 61 percent of respondents said Obama was more "friendly" and "likable" and just 27 percent said that Romney was more likable and friendly.

Portman also predicts that Romney, who also ran for the Republican Party nomination in 2008, will put on a different show at the debates this election, saying:

“I think the person who shows up this year at the three debates is going to be a different person than the one who showed up four years ago who was talking about how to bring the country together. I assume he’ll be more aggressive and more on the attack and, you know, it’ll be more personal.”