Lose Weight on the Job

If you're like most of us working folks, you're chained to your desk and computer all day, and by the time you get home you're in no mood to head up to the gym for a workout. Sound familiar? Such a sedentary lifestyle can pack on the pounds, slowly but surely. So what's a working stiff to do?

Well now a couple clever doctors have come up with a solution, albeit a bizarre one. These doctors believe that walking while you work might be the key to weight loss, and have designed a "vertical workstation" treadmill that allows you to exercise on a treadmill without losing valuable time away from the desk.

Instead of being chained to the desk, you can be chained to your treadmill desk, melting away the fat at a slow 1mph while pumping out those reports. The desk is aimed towards the overweight, and contains fixings for a computer and keyboard mounted over a treadmill. There's also room for pens, papers, and pretty desk decorations like flower vases. When you've felt like you've walked as much as you can walk, you can wheel the desk away from the treadmill and resume your work from the comfort of a cosy chair.

The desk was designed by doctors at the Mayo Clinic in New York, who found that both men and women who tried out the desk used up three times as much energy than normal, and the quality of their work wasn't affected.

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They just need to add a toilet and it'd be perfect - I'll never have to leave my desk. I'll take one for my home treadmill, better than watching TV while I'm walking, never anything good on anyway.

I know... I want one too!