Poll: Obama Leading Romney in Ohio Following Conventions

According to the results of a new poll taken after the culmination of both the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention, President Barack Obama leads GOP candidate Mitt Romney in at least one key swing state.

Obama leads Romney by five percentage points in Ohio (50 percent to 45 percent) in a poll conducted by Pubilc Policy Polling. The survey also showed that Ohioans believe that Democrats had the better national convention.

While the 5 point lead is an improvement for Obama, who held just a 3-point lead in August, it is still within the margin of error.

Dean Debnam, president of PPP, said in a statement:

“It’s hard to see a path to victory for Mitt Romney without Ohio. But Barack Obama’s led in our polling there all year and now his advantage is getting larger.”

Ohioans also seem to be more approving of the job that Obama is doing. PPP reported Obama's approval at 44 percent in July, and at 46 percent in August. But now Obama's approval is up to 48 percent, which is the same number as those who disapprove.