Girl Scout Cookie Boxes Get First Redesign Since 1999

This fall, for the first time since 1999, Girl Scout Cookie boxes will be getting a complete makeover. The new design seeks to promote the five entrepreneurial skills that Girl Scouts are looking to teach their members.

Anna Maria Chávez, the USA CEO of Girl Scouts, said:

"We have more than 50 million cookie customers across the country, and the cookie box is the most tangible and powerful way for us to communicate directly with consumers."

The five skills that the Girl Scouts are promoting are goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics. The new box designs will show off some of the key activities that Girl Scouts have become associated with, including working in parks, kayaking, public speaking, among numerous others. The boxes will feature the Girl Scouts famous emblem to help ensure that their brand remains consistent throughout the makeover.

Girl Scout cookie boxes were last redesigned 13 years ago, in 1999. To celebrate its 100th birthday, the group decided to undergo a brand renewal this year to refreshen its image.

Girl Scout cookies, now a $790 million business, have been sold since 1917.

This year's Girl Scout cookie campaign officially kicks off in October and runs through May, though sales historically peak between late January and early February.