Rumor: LeBron James Fixed Receding Hairline with Hair Plugs

Nike Sportswear recently introduced its new LeBron James Diamond Collection of apparel from the coming 2012 holiday season, and in the images, you'll notice that James looks a bit different. Look at the two images above - in the first one, James has a noticeably receding hairline, but in the second it's nowhere to be found. A good Photoshopper could have done this, but according to, their source says that James was sick of all of the jokes surrounding his rapidly receding hairline so he went and had hair corrective surgery done.

LeBron reportedly had the corrective surgery, presumably using hair plugs, done a little over two months ago. The difference is noticeable.

If you never noticed his receding hairline before, it could be due to the fact that he always wears headbands on the court, which conveniently cover up the hair loss.