Give Republicans like Gov. John Kasich one inch and they'll be taking your Social Security and Medicare. We know that's their agenda. Short term and long term.

Let's put everything within Wall Street and insurers reach, they say. The policy is a crack at your every penny by the sharpies. The ones who put us in the wringer we're in.

It's class warfare by the upper class. And we have few weapons.
Kasich wants badly to reward profit-seekers, i. e. friends and grabbers, with the turnpike you paid for with public dollars.
Plus he wants to call it progress. He's got bridges he wants to sell you. And consultants with rigged reports: Great deal. Sell it.

Privatization is the Republican answer and scheme to serve the eager profiteers that would like to take over all public functions.

Privatization means PROFITIZATION.

I'll tell you how this movie plays. The $1 to $3 billions collected from the turnpike leaseholder will go to reduce the income taxes of wealthy Republicans, i. e., his donors.

The turnpike toll rate increase will go - well, to you. Isn't that the way this works? You know it is.

Republicans these days are into making everything a business. A business that can fill the pockets of profiteers.

The only things Republicans apparently want to remain public are the taxes to support these schemes.

He wants your highways. And then your schools. Your prisons. Your fire departments. Why not? Why even your libraries will be fair game. Next stop: Parks.

The trend to peddle all functions of government so private interests can become richer represents a serious threat to the public life of all communities and a way of life that has served us well.

It's worse than being invaded by an enemy.

It's the move to make profit the end of every human function.

It's what Republicans today see as the answer to problems that don't exist.

They want it all.

They also want you to pay for every human function. Why?

So someone can make a profit. Profit is their God.

It's the party of profiteers. The real Takers. Pure and simple.

The only thing the public will get under this philosophy is the bill.

Gov. Kasich believes turning over the Ohio Turnpike to private interests will be a bonanza for Ohio. What a joke.
In the Plain Dealer's Tipoff column this week Kasich is quoted telling us that his privatization plan will leverage $1 billion. For us.

"This could take care of a lot of our infrastructure needs for about a decade," he's quoted as saying.

Guess what? A decade is a minute in time in this instance.

If Kasich could outsource to private hands your funeral he'd do that, too.

This is all part of the Republican ideology to make every human function something somebody can make a profit doing.

The Public Good has no meaning to Republicans these days.

There needs to be a hefty public outcry that exceeds the outburst against Senate Bill 5.

With the national election soaking up attention, Kasich and the Plain Dealer will try to sneak this one by us.

Shame on us if we allow it.

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