96 Percent of Ireland Would Vote for Obama; 4 Percent Would Vote for Romney

In America, the polls are now nearly even split between support for Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. But if the people of Ireland were given the chance to vote, Obama would win in a landslide. According to a Gallup international poll, the Irish in Ireland would vote 96-4 percent for Obama over Romney.

Many Irish are conservative Catholics who are strongly opposed to abortion and feel that issues like immigration into Ireland is destroying their country, and Ireland's business class has more in common with lower taxes and less government, which the GOP supports, so why is Romney and the Republican Party so reviled in Ireland?

There are several reasons: Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, American support of Israel, and the American belief hat the United Nations is a useless institution.

During his war in Nicaragua against the Sandinistas, Reagan alienated the Irish, and in particular the religious orders that had large numbers of nuns and priests that worked in poor neighborhoods. The Iraq war and its aftermath severely damaged the perception of the U.S. overseas, not just in Ireland, and the belief by many in America that the U.N. is worthless is opposed to that of the Irish, who generally see it as a necessary institution and just

one way that a small country like Ireland can have an influence on the big issues of the day. The last bit of big beef that the Irish have the U.S. is country's support of Israel. Many Irish identify with the Palestinians, and draw quite a few comparisons between their plight and the Irish under British rule.

In contrast to Romney as the GOP in general, Obama is seen by the Irish as an internationalist who seeks operation across borders and who sees the U.N. as a valuable institution.