Donald Trump Threatens to Drop "Gigantic" Bombshell About President Obama on Wednesday

It seems that both sides of the political fence in America now have made threats of an "October Surprise." Over the weekend, rumors began to surface that high-profile lawyer Gloria Allred would soon be coming forth with information that would be detrimental to Mitt Romney's campaign. On Monday, Donald Trump announced that he has a "gigantic" bombshell of his own about President Barack Obama that he'll reveal on Wednesday.

Speaking on Fox & Friends Monday morning, the billionaire real estate mogul said that he had "something very very big concerning the President of the United States."

Trump added:

'It's going to be very big. I know one thing- you will cover it in a very big fashion."

Trump didn't give any further details about the supposed bombshell, but did go on to say that it could "possibly" play a role in the outcome of the election. He said that he is waiting to tweet the "large, bordering on gigantic" news "sometime probably Wednesday."

Trump has been an outspoken critic of President Obama, and at one point even threatened to run again him. He's also been a strong backer of the so-called birther conspiracy theory, alleging that Obama was not born in the U.S. and that his birth certificate was faked. Trump's threats of a presidential run were squashed, however, when the President made him look like a fool at last year's White House Correspondents Dinner and then the next day announcing that his administration had successfully killed al Qaeda leader and 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden.

This is the second time in the past few months that Trump has claimed to have a big surprise that would be damaging to President Obama. The last time he made this claim, in the days leading up to the Republican National Convention, nothing came of it.

Trump's announcement of an impending October Surprise comes on the same day as another claim. A mysterious website called "The October Surprise" says that it will release documents at 5:30pm on Monday. It is not clear what documents will be released, or who their intended target is. A Twitter bio for the site simply says:

"One of your presidential candidates isn't being honest with you. Stay tuned to find out which one it is."

This big reveal will supposedly take place just hours before the third and final presidential debate, which is dedicated to the topic of foreign policy. Some believe that tonight's big reveal by The October Surprise website may thus relate to a foreign issue.

It is not clear if the two announcements are in any way related.