Fellow Mormon Glenn Beck Thinks Mitt Romney Is Second Coming to George Washington

Glenn Beck was disappointed in the performance that Mitt Romney gave in his third and final presidential debate with Barack Obama on Monday night. That didn't stop the right wing conservative from comparing Romney, who practices the same Mormon faith as Romney, to the nations first commander in chief George Washington.

Beck stated on his radio show Tuesday:

"I don't know if it was the right thing, but I believe he's being guided. I believe he feels it's important to be less contentious. It may be that he is doing exactly what the Lord wants him to do right now."

"Many of us who have been walking down this road for a long time wanted him to eviscerate the president last night, metaphorically speaking."

"But our ways aren't necessarily his ways, and I hope and pray and believe that Mitt Romney is trying to seek out his ways. Last night, you saw somebody who took the stage who appeared to me to be George Washington."

If you do a little research you can see that many in the Mormon faith feel a member of their religion has a destiny to reach the presidency as founding member of the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Joseph Smith , who once himself ran for the highest office in the land, came up with what is referred to as the "white horse prophecy".