Romney Supporters in Pennsylvania Were Not Allowed to Leave Campaign Event Despite Freezing Cold

Citing "security concerns", Mitt Romney's supporters were not allowed to leave a Pennsylvania campaign rally held on Sunday, despite the fact that the crowd had been waiting for hours in the bitter cold for the candidate to arrive.

Reporters who were at the event tweeted about the chaos, as supporters were denied the ability to leave the event. Some parents complained that their children were on the verge of hypothermia and frostbite, but staff still wouldn't relent. Eventually though, the started letting people leave a few at a time.

To be fair, it was said to be a combination of the Romney campaign and the Secret Service holding supporters captive at the event, but it still doesn't come off well for Romney, whose campaign knew that he was delayed and could have done things to help keep the crowd comfortable while they waited but opted not to.

Romney has had a difficult time trying to shake the impression that he doesn't care about the average middle class person, and debacles like this one in Pennsylvania will do little to help. Illegally imprisoning his own supporters while he was running late doesn't exactly scream "I care about regular people."