True the Vote Accused of Forging Signatures to Get Poll Monitors in Ohio

A group known as True the Vote was trying to place observers at precincts in Central Ohio, with a particular focus on African-American districts, when problems cropped up with the forms that they submitted to the Franklin County Board of Elections. The FCBOE met on Monday and determined that True te Vote had likely falsified the forms that were submitted for the general election observers.

The new observer forms were filed by True the Vote representative Jan Loar in the past few days and used candidate signatures that were copied from a previous set of forms filed in early October. All but one of the six candidates whose names appeared on the original form had withdrawn permission to use their signatures prior to the submission of the forms on Monday. Candidate Terri Jamison said during the BOE meeting that her name was "forged" on the latest forms.

The form that is used to appoint observers states clearly that "election falsification is a 5th degree felony." Consequently, due to the allegations of forged signatures, election officials confirmed that there will be a post-election investigation of True the Vote.

All members of the BOE have rejected the forms and True the Vote will not be permitted in Franklin County polling locations. Poll monitoring organizations suspect that they may still be stationed outside of polling locations.