Concert Review : Matt & Kim at House of Bluse

There was a party at the House of Blues: Cleveland, Tuesday night, and Matt & Kim were the hosts. Playing to a sold out crowd, the duo represented the indie scene like none other. With nothing more than a set drums and some rather technical keys, Matt & Kim killed it, giving the crowd everything they asked for.

Even in the farthest depths of the venue there were people screaming and yelling and best of all dancing. Up close and personal it got even better. Matt & Kim’s live presence was stellar. For moments on end they were having fun on stage while feeding back and forth with the crowd. And when there needed to be a time for people to catch their breath, they were on point, switching up the tempo.

Whether it was Kim standing on her drums pounding away, or the both of them taking turns
dancing and laughing playing off the crowd, the vibe was strong, with Kim even doing her own rendition of crowd surfing aka crowd “walking”. Improving between songs was great, telling mini stories, popping balloons “thigh-master” style (thanks Kim) or what else but dancing.

The duo is also all about animal rights, supporting Cleveland’s APL, along with other local animal
shelters throughout their whole tour. They are ready and willing to post a picture of you with any
animal adoption and the mention of their support on their Facebook page.

Matt & Kim hail from Brooklyn, New York and are currently on tour promoting “Lightning” which
dropped this October. If you missed them this time around make sure to catch them February 19 th at the Masonic Auditorium in Cleveland with Passion Pit.