Cigarette Smoking Linked to Increased Risk of Declining Cognitive Function

According to a new report from researchrers at King's College in the United Kingdom, cigarette smoking may increase the risk of cognitive decline. For the study, researchers examined 8,800 test subjects and linked smoking to a decline in memory, reasoning, and learning skills.

Each of the test subjects underwent a series of exams that included cognitive testing and physicals. The researchers found that smoking was "significantly associated with cognitive decline" in the participants. Lead researcher Dr. Alex Dregan wrote:

"Cognitive decline becomes more common with ageing and for an increasing number of people interferes with daily functioning and well-being. We have identified a number of risk factors which could be associated with accelerated cognitive decline, all of which, could be modifiable."

He added:

"We need to make people aware of the need to do some lifestyle changes because of the risk of cognitive decline."

News of the findings was first published on November 25 by the BBC.