Fox News Suspends Karl Rove Over Election Night On-Air Tantrum

Karl Rove and Dick Morris, both paid political analysts, have been temporarily banned from appearing on Fox News by chief Roger Ailes as the network attempts to distance themselves from the two men whose election predictions were so far off from the end result.

According to New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman, Ailes decided that it is important for Fox News to take a step back from Rove and Morris because the election is over. Ailes' deputy Bill Shine reportedly sent a memo to all of the network's news producers ordering them to seek special permission before booking Morris or Rove for any upcoming segments.

One of the biggest reasons that Fox News wants to distance themselves from Rove, the so-called architect of the second Bush presidency, is due to his on-air temper tantrum on Election Night. Even though Fox had already called the race for the president, Rove had argued that they were wrong. He made himself a laughingstock after arguing that Fox was wrong and that Romney had won Ohio even though they were ready to call it for Obama.

Fox News host Megyn Kelly berated Rove on air, questioning whether his calculations were "math you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better."