Female Airman Gets 4 Month Prison Sentence in Rape Case

Airman 1st Class Ashley N. Rains who had faced charges of raping another female airman in German, plead guilty Tuesday to lesser charges, and was sentenced to four months in jail. A male airman involved in the incident still faces a rape court-martial.

Ashley N. Rains, a life support specialist with the 22nd Fighter Squadron, Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, plead guilty to two counts of committing an indecent act.

Airman Christopher D. Hicks of the 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron, Spangdahlem, faces his own court-martial next week on counts of rape and sodomy.

The two were accused of engaging in a ménage a trois with another female staff sargeant. The incident is alleged to have taken place Sept. 24, after the three had been drinking alcohol. The staff sergeant involved in the act was not charged.

Apparently the act itself isn't what got the threesome in trouble, but rather, it was because prosecutors say that the staff sergeant was too drunk to have consented, and that is when it became a criminal case.

Capt. Mike Felsen, the Air Force Prosecutor, said that the staff sergeant "appeared drunk" and slipped "in and out of consciousness" while Rains and Hicks performed sexual acts with her. He argued that the staff sergeant was vulnerable, and that Rains and Hicks took advantage of her. The staff sergeant did not testify during the trial.

Ashley Rains had faced a maximum sentence, including as many as 10 years in a military prison, but prosecutors argued for a lighter sentence of two years. She got off much easier, receiving just 4 months in prison. It'll be interesting to see what kind of sentence Hicks will end up with.

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Is anyone else curious to see a picture of this chick? How is there a case like this that not a single person manages to get a picture of to post?

Curious that the Highest-ranking participant escaped prosecution...

BTW, it also sounds as if there was video evidence. Where's IEG when you need them?