Eating Meals Together as a Family Promotes Healthier Eating

According to a new study, having the family sit down together for dinner each night may make children more likely to eat their fruits and vegetables.

Meaghan Christian of the University of Leeds School of Food Science and Nutrition in England said that she and her colleagues found that schoolchildren whose families ate dinner together every night ate 1.6 more servings of fruit and vegetables each day compared to families who never age together.

Furthermore, parents who ate fruits and vegetables every day and who cut them up for their children had kids who ate more of them.

The researcheres also noted that there are additional benefits to family meals aside from the greater consumption of fruits and vegetables. The said that family meals "provide conversational time for families, incentives to plan a meal, and an ideal environment for parents to model appropriate mealtime behavior."

The report was published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health.