Atlanta Braves Under Fire for Bringing Back "Screaming Indian" Logo

The Atlanta Braves is bringing back an old logo known as the "screaming Indian" to their warm-up gear this summer. The move has sparked some criticism on blogs and social media but to the vast majority of Braves fans the move seems to be getting a big "thumbs up".

The Atlanta Journal Constitution, which broke the story yesterday morning, conducted a poll asking readers what they thought of bringing back the native American caricature of a Mohawk Indian warrior. Of the 4,450 respondents, 73% said they may purchase the baseball cap if it hits store shelves. 18% of the voters "couldn't care less" about the emblem while 9% find the "screaming Indian" logo offensive. While it looks like Braves fans are embracing the return of the warrior, ESPN columnist Paul Lukas said the reappearance is "disappointing" and gave the move a grade of "F".

The Cleveland Indians, who have their own mascot that draws scorn by many, will not be featuring Chief Wahoo again during batting practice. The Tribe will make a minor change to their warmup caps with a block "C" cap featuring red trim and a blue lettering.