UFO Expert Nick Pope Says Humans Will Make Alien Contact In 2024

UFO expert Nick Pope, who worked for 21 years at the British Government's Ministry of Defense from 1985 to 2006, made a bold prediction on when humans would make their first contacts with extra terrestrials. Pope says that with the emergence of new telescopes, which will be 50 times more sensitive and survey the sky 10,000 times faster than any existing telescope, humans will make alien contact with aliens in 2024.

“I will be controversial and give you an exact year of when I believe first confirmation of contact will be made and that is 2024,” Nick Pope told the Jargan Post.

Pope, who left his position with the British Government after they closed down their "X-Files", made a name for himself in the early 1990s researching UFO sightings to see their impact on national defense. Pope currently works as a freelance journalist and media commentator.