Samsung Offering Free Flip Covers & TecTiles to Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II Owners

Samsung has launched a promotion for Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II owners, offering a free Flip Cover and free NFC TecTiles in return for registering their device. The offer, which is only available to Samsung owners in the U.S., requires users to register their handset on the company's Facebook Owner's Hub.

The Flip Covers for the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III are Samsung's official folio-style protection for the devices. The Flip Cover involves replacing the battery cover, and has an attached flap that covers up the display. It is available in five different colors.

Earlier this holiday season, Samsung began offering special bundles for the GSIII and Note II, but had them priced at $39.99.

TecTiles are adhesive NFC tags that allow the handsets to be easily set into different modes, including silent or driving mode - by tapping them on the stickers. They may also be set to load apps or specific webpages.

In exchange for the "care package" consumers will be giving Samsung extra personal information, including your basic Facebook information.

More information about the offer can be found [here] on the Facebook Owner's Hub.