Colt McCoy's Brother Suspended From Bowl Game Following Sexual Assault Allegations

Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy quarterback isn't having a good week. The second string Browns signal caller had the chance to show if he could be a good fit as the starting but will likely miss his chance due to injury. Now Colt has bigger things to worry about as his brother Casey McCoy finds himself in the headline for all the wrong reasons.

KENS5 San Antonio broke the news Friday reporting that the University of Texas had suspended two players after sexual assault allegations came to light from the Alamo Bowl writing:

“Two Texas players are at the center of a sexual assault investigation. Their names have not been released since no arrests have been made and no charges have been filed.”

The Washington Post later reported the players involved Case McCoy and Jordan Hicks. Texas head coach Mack Brown, who also coached Colt McCoy in college, said in a release:

“This has been reported: We had a couple young men that broke team rules last night. They have been suspended from the team and they will be sent home,” Brown said in a news statement. “They will not be available for the game and I will not address any more questions in that matter.”