A Maverick Move: Mark Cuban Plans Rival to NFL

Say what you want about Mark Cuban, but there is one thing you can't deny. The man has some moxy. The Wall Street Journal has reported that the Dallas Mavericks owner is in discussions to start an eight team league that would compete against the Goliath in the sporting world: The National Football League.

Cuban told the AP, "It is a pretty simple concept. We think there is more demand for pro football than supply".

LA, Mexico City, and Las Vegas are among the cities that may get teams. The league would play Friday Nights.

The League is reportedly aiming to compete with the NFL by getting players that have been drafted in the second round or later in the draft. One can guess that the League may open up to talented High School and College players not eligible for the NFL due to the rules that state players have to wait until at least their Junior year in college to be eligible to play in the NFL.

Leagues have tried to compete against the NFL before. There was the USFL in the early to mid eighties and the ill conceived XFL that lasted only only one season. If done right, in my opinion, the League could work. The NFL and NCAA are probably worried that there "free farm system" could be in jeopardy by opening up players of all age in a rival league. It will be interesting to see if the League gets off the ground and if this effects the landscape of professional football as we now know it.

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Bravo Mark Cuban et al, some innovative rule changes would help, as would accessible ticket prices. Why should a college football player end his days as an athlete, upon graduation, because hes a low draft pick, or undrafted, or caught in numbers game, or kept a string by the NFL teams that has his rights and signs
him and releases him over and over again to the taxi squad. There is no European league anymore, and the colleges are a free minor league system for the NFL. Ultimately if the new league puts out an entertaining product, as did the old AFL, pre merger, there will be a TV contract eventually. Can they pay enough money per player in a six game schedule, to attract enough NFL players looking to for another year of two of competition, once they become expendible in the
NFL. Ultimately, if a Friday nite league makes it, or is all they are looking for is
inclussion in the NFLs billion dollar umbrella?