Google Seemingly Takes Another Shot at Windows Phone Users by Blocking Access to Google Maps

It looks more and more like Google's famous motto "Do no evil" is a thing of the past. As the smartphone wars have heated up, the search giant has made some questionable moves targeting Microsoft and Windows Phone users. The latest assault in a growing list of attacks on Windows Phone appears to be the blocking of access to Google Maps for Windows Phones users.

Google has infamously proclaimed that it will not create apps for Windows Phone users to access their services, and announced that later this month they'll be dropping Exchange ActiveSync, which will stop users from creating ew accounts on their phones and syncing Gmail contacts and Calendar. There's also the YouTube issue. Microsoft alleges that Google does not allow them access to YouTube metadata, as they do for Android and iPhone, which is preventing them from creating a high quality YouTube app for Windows Phones.

Many Windows Phone users are now reporting that they are blocked when trying to access, and it does not look like it is a mistake. Users have also been blocked from accessing, the UK version of Google Maps.

Meanwhile, iPhone users attempting to access are prompted to download the Google Maps app, but may bypass that redirect and still successfully access the web version if desired. Using various browsers, Android users are also able to successfully access All signs point to this being purely a Windows Phone problem that is not likely accidental.

Nothing has definitively proven that this is a deliberate move by Google, or if it is simply bad programming resulting in a bad redirect. Given the back ad forth between Microsoft and Google that's been going on lately, however, it is definitely suspect. We'll just have to wait a few days and see if anything changes.