ASUS to Unveil Qube Google TV Media Box at CES

Google is making another big push this year at CES for its Google TV devices, with a number of hardware manufacturers showing off their latest Google TV boxes. ASUS, which promised a Google TV for CES, is delivering with the Qube, a squared media box featuring a matching cuboid user interface to quickly navigate live, on-demand, web, and other content.

The small box uses a motion-control remote, although if you have an Android phone you can also find ASUS' Mobile Remote app in the Play store to transform your phone or tablet into a touchscreen controller.

The Qube interface puts each of the box's features onto a different pane of a rotating cube on-screen.

ASUS hasn't revealed much about the device's hardware specs, but the device's FCC filing suggests a Marvell ARMADA processor is inside. USB and HDMI also seems likely considering it needs to directly hook up to your TV. WiFi is also likely, and possibly even Bluetooth for the remote.

More information including pricing and availability should come out this week at CES.