Dish Network Unveils 2nd Generation Whole-Home DVR with Sling; Also Offers Offline Recordings for iPad

Dish Network's whole-home DVR, the Hopper, just got a whole lot better. The satellite TV provider announced on Monday the arrival of its second generation whole-home DVR, the Hopper with Sling.

With the new Hopper with Sling DVR, subscribers have access to some new features, and improvements on existing features. The Hopper with Sling will also be accompanied by the Transfer app, which will allow subscribers to watch recorded content offline with an iPad.

The Hopper with Sling allows subscribers to watch life and recorded TV through mobile devices and computers with internet connections via Sling at no additional charge. The DVR also brings some smart TV functionality to your TV, with multi-player game apps and the ability to "fling" media content to smartphones and tablets.

The Transfers app includes parental blocks for those with children. It also allows subscribers to schedule transfers of entire TV show seasons or single episodes.

The transfer process is virtually seamless and does not require any extra devices on top of the iPad and DVR. It will be released in the Apple App Store once the Hopper with Sling DVR is released.

No information about pricing or availability has yet been announced.