Americans Have a Higher Opinion of Root Canals & Cockroaches Than Congress

The 112th Congress, which ended when the new 113th class was sworn in earlier this month, was historically unpopular. In fact, the public has such a low opinion of Congress right now that American voters have a higher opinion of notoriously hated things like root canals and cockroaches than they do of Congress.

Public Policy Polling released a new survey on Tuesday in which they took an interesting approach to showing just how little the public thinks of the United States' governing body.

Among a number of items and individuals tested, the automated poll found that American voters have a higher opinion of head lice, colonoscopies, France, the Canadian rock band Nickelback, Donald Trump, cockroaches, and root canals than they do Congress.

Congress, which registered a pathetic favorability rating of 9 percent in the survey, is still more popular than telemarketers, North Korea, ebola, communism, Lindsay Lohan, meth labs, and the Kardashian Family.