Ohio Gov. John Kasich Wants Schools to Develop Teacher Bonus Programs

Ohio Governor John Kasich's new school funding plan, which he said would be unveiled before is budget is due to the legislature on February 4, will "empower" schools to offer payment bonuses to high performing teachers, said the Republican on Monday.

Kasich's next education plan also not require school districts to tie teacher pay to performance, but would "allow school districts to design programs."

Following the ceremonial signing of a bill that creates a new A-through-F grade to judge schools' performances, Kasich said:

“I’m a big believer that you have to pay people more who do excellent jobs. I would rather have it come from the bottom up than from the top down. Because if it can come from the bottom up, then we can get agreement within the districts with the school board and the teachers and everybody else. But it’s absolutely something I think makes a lot of sense.”

Kasich signed House Bill 555 today at Hamilton Elementary School. He said that he would unveil his full school funding plan during the week before his budget is due - first in a meeting with school superintendents, and then in a public town hall meeting.