iPhone With Larger Display Won't Launch Until 2014

It has been rumored that Apple would be releasing a new iPhone sporting a larger display, but the latest reports now suggest that while they are indeed working on one, it will not be released this year. Instead, Apple will reportedly release two 4-inch screen models in 2013, saving the launch of a larger sized display iPhone for next year.

Citing unnamed industry sources, Digitimes reports that happen plans to unveil two new smartphone models in 2013. The first will be a follow-up to the iPhone 5. The second will reportedly be a new, lower-cost version. Both will feature 4-inch displays.

Digitimes also says that Apple has a third new iPhone model being worked on that has a larger display, but notes that the device is not slated to debut in 2013.

Reports circulating on Monday suggested that Apple is working on a device with a 4.8-inch display and redesigned case, and claimed that Apple had plans to release the phone in 2013, along with two other iPhone models.

Industry watchers have suggested that Apple's iPhone 5S will launch this summer, featuring several new color options, and a second cheaper iPhone with a plastic body will launch in 2013 as well.