Google Glass Explorer Edition to Ship to Developers Within Months

Google co-founder Sergey Brin has confirmed that Google's Project Glass Explorer Edition, the $1,500 limited-edition developer version of the wearable computer, will ship "in a couple of months".

Brin confirmed the impending launch to augmented reality enthusiast Noah Zerkin after he spotted Brin wearing a prototype in New York this week. He also talked about how many Glass prototypes are currently out in the wild.

Brin told Zerkin that about one hundred people outside of his Google X Lab team developing Project Glass currently have wearable prototypes. It is not clear how many people are employed in Google's research-and-development centric X division.

During Google IO 2012, Google began taking preorders for Project Glass Explorer Edition, offering developers the chance to secure a unit for the cost of $1,500. Select developers will get a chance to play with the device earlier, when Google kicks off its Glass Foundry developer events later this month.

The first event, which will take place in New York City, will feature Google outlining its new Mirror API, which will bridge the cloud and Glass headsets, as well as allow developers to feed information from their apps to the wearable device. Attendees will get a chance to play with the devices, but won't be allowed to take them with them. A second event is slated to take place in early February in San Francisco.

Previously, Google had said that it expects to have consumer versions of Glass available on the market less than twelve months after the Explorer Edition sets begin shipping. That means consumers likely won't be able to get their hands on Glass until 2014. The good news is though, Brin has indicated that pricing for the mass market version would be "significantly" cheaper than the $1,500 developer kit.