Ohio-based Ice Cream Maker Offers Unique Sorbet to Combat Flu Symptoms

Instead of dipping a spoon into a hot bowl of chicken soup to help deal with the symptoms of the flu, you might soon be scooping up some Influenza Sorbet instead. Ohio-based ice cream maker Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams has developed a sorbet to combat flu symptoms.

Jeni's Influenza Sorbet contains honey, ginger, cayenne pepper, and orange and lemon juice along with some Maker's Mark bourbon.

Jenni Britton Bauer, the company's founder and president, described her inspiration for the sorbet:

Jeni first came up with the sorbet in 2004 after anticipating a bad flu season.

Influenza Sorbet also contains pectin, which coats the throat. The honey in it lubricates the throat, and the cayenne pepper clears the nasal passages.

While the combination of ingredients might sound a bit odd to some, Jenni says "it's really delicious," adding:

"The cayenne doesn't have flavor, it just has the kick, the physical property of the heat, and then all of the other ingredients are just so perfect together. You can just imagine it as a cocktail. A whiskey sour plus ginger."

Jeni's Influenza Sorbet, which is priced at $12 per pint, will be available the duration of the peak flu season, through February and March. It is sold locally, and is also available through the company's website. The website requires a minimum four pint order, but you are not required to choose four of the same flavor and can mix and match.