Rumor: Apple Preparing to Launch 128GB Fourth Generation iPad

As Apple's share price continues to plummet, rumors are now surfacing that Apple is preparing a new iPad that would be its first iOS device to include more than 64GB of storage. According to 9to5Mac, Apple has a new fourth-generation iPad SKU that will soon hit the shelves at one of its retail partners' stores.

Details on the rumored device are slim for the time being, but 9to5Mac says that its source pointed out the presence of the world "ultimate" ext to the new iPad's description in the retailer's system. This led the site to speculate that Apple will soon be adding a fourth option to their existing line-up of iPads, one with 128GB of storage.

The 128GB version listed in the retailer's system reportedly features both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity options. An image from the so-called "high-profile" retailer's inventory system can be viewed below. Could it be someone like Best Buy?