Cedar Point Launches New "Easy Pay" Installment Plan Option

Cedar Point announced on Monday that people planning a trip to the amusement park/resort can save money by taking advantage of a new "Easy Pay" plan if they pre-book a visit to the park's resorts by March 1. Under the new Cedar Point "Easy Pay" plan, visitors can lock in the pre-season rates and at the same time manage the cost of the trip by paying four installment payments.

The "Easy Pay" packages can be purchased via Cedar Point's website at www.cedarpoint.com or by calling 419-627-2106. Guests booking their trip under the "Easy Pay" plan will also get the added bonus of one hour early entry into the amusement park.

2013 will see the unveiling of Cedar Point's newest roller coaster, the GateKeeper, the park's latest world-record breaking roller coaster. At 170 feet, the ride spins through two signature keyholes at speeds of 67mph.

The GateKeeper gives riders a simulated flight experience. The coaster will break at least 5 world records, including longest track, tallest drop, and most inversions of any wing coaster in the world.

Cedar Point will officially open up for its 144th season on May 11, 2013.