MSN Names Cleveland 2nd Coolest City in the Midwest

Cleveland seems to make more than its fair share of the "bad" lists, but every once in awhile, it makes it on to a good one. While Forbes last week deemed Cleveland one of the most unhappy places to work in the U.S., MSN this week determined that Cleveland is the second coolest city in the entire Midwest, bested only by Chicago.

The website writes:

Los Angeles and New York City may be well-regarded as musical hotbeds, but Cleveland does indeed rock. The city’s musical cornerstone is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a 150,000-square-foot temple to rock’s most significant players. If you’re looking for a more intimate experience, consider checking out one of the many local live venues, such as Beachland or the Grog Shop."

MSN identifies "what's cool" in Cleveland, and points out that "The Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland’s brand-new mirrored digs is a lesson in modern art itself, a stunning piece of interesting architecture."

The other cities making the top 10 coolest cities in the Midwest list include:

1 - Chicago, IL
2 - Cleveland, OH
3 - Columbus, OH
4 - Kansas City, MO
5 - Milwaukee, WI

6 - Ann Arbor, MI
7 - Omaha, NE
8 - Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
9 - St. Louis, MO
10 - Madison, WI