Restaurant Review: XYZ Tavern In Gordon Square

Earlier this week I was extended an invitation by David Gartland, via his Twitter feed @pickofcleveland, for a tasting of food and spirits at XYZ Tavern in the Gordon Square Arts District. I really didn't know what to think of the meetup with other folks on Twitter, as I had steered clear of those types of events previously, but had heard good things about their sister property ABC Tavern. Let's just say, I was more than pleased that I was offered the invitation and accepted it. XYC Tavern was a culinary delight and their beer list, and experts that choose their spirits, made the night truly one to remember.

The group started off one of the 24 draft beers that was selected by Harris who helps manage XYC lounge. When you stop down to grab a bite to eat and drink a beer or two at the tavern, I highly recommend you try to grab a moment of time from the 25 year old who has a vast knowledge of craft beverage world. XYZ prides itself in a beer list with the 2 dozen craft draughts and 120 bottles. The 120 bottles doesn't contain the usual suspects you see at your typical corner bar, instead they stock a unique variety of beers from all over the country that will be please any coinsure who enjoys tasting different brews, Of the dozen of beers I tasted, all were high quality and interestingly paired to the numerous samplings of delicious foods that were brought us to sample.

While the beer list in itself is worth the visit alone, foodies will not be disappointed in the high quality menu and delicious foods that come from the kitchen. Our group started with Broccoli Tempura which was a great way to get the tastes buds started to what was soon to be a culinary treat. We sampled the likes of corned beef, burgers, and wraps that were all high in quality and not a big hit to the budget as they all came in under $10. If you save room for desert, you won't be left disappointed as there are a number of tasty treats to choose from.

If you enjoy a great meal in a tavern type setting, coupled with an outstanding beer list, I highly suggest making the trek to Gordon Square for a nice meal. It is also a perfect spot to catch a dinner and a movie as the Capitol Theater is within walking distance to the location on West 65th and Detroit. If you are lucky enough to be invited by on twitter by David Gartland, I suggest taking him up on the invite. He provided a great setting an excellent night out and I'm glad I found XYZ Tavern as I am sure I will be heading back there sometime in the near future.