Chef Michael Symon Launches Market Vendor Relief Website to Collect Donations for West Side Market

Cleveland Chef Michael Symon announced on Tuesday the launch of to benefit the historic West Side Market, which was damaged last week in a fire. On the website, Symon is collecting donations to be given to the vendors who rely on the WSM to make a living and is encouraging businesses to participate in "West Side Market Wednesday, in which businesses will donate 5% of their sales for that day.

Symon writes on the website:

"On January 30, the market suffered a fire that has halted all market activities In addition to the loss of all of the Super Bowl Sunday sales, the vendors at the market have lost all food and packaging products located on the main floor at the time of the fire. This tragic loss has affected vendors that count on this busy season to pay for their operating costs. While all of the vendors have liability insurance to pay for the damages, many do not have insurance for business interruption, lost inventory, and employee wages.

Through donating to this fund, you will help aid those vendors who have suffered the worst losses. Additionally, any excess donations will be put towards the advertising efforts to save the West Side Market. If you are an individual, restaurant, or a company that takes advantage of this local treasure, please help us aid those vendors who lost so much during the blaze."

Personal donations can be made [HERE], while businesses can pledge to donate 5% of their sales [HERE].