Google Launching Touchscreen Chromebook Later This Year

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google will launch a touchscreen Chromebook later this year. This is likely a product they are anxious to display at their upcoming Google stores that will launch this holiday season and also a clear shot at Microsoft who recently launched Windows 8 which blends touch screen computing along with traditional keyboard and mouse computing.

The current line of Chromebooks are aggressively priced ranging from $200-$250 but lack the specs of most standard laptops. Earlier this month, a video leaked on the internet that showed off a would-be high Chromebook featuring touch computing with a resulution of 2560x1700 but its validity was called into question as the advert was not produced by Google itself. Here is the video from earlier this month.

A report from the China Times in November said that a touchscreen Google computer was in the works and that 20 Million units had been ordered.