The Pope Will Send Out His Final Tweet on February 28

Pope Benedict XVI has embraced new technology in a way that no other pope before him has, and recently became the first pope to join and bless us all via Twitter. However, he is set to resign at the end of this month, and like he himself, his Twitter account will also go into retirement. The pope will send out his final tweet on his last day as pope on February 28.

The pope's last tweet from his @Pontifex (the English version) account will be sent on February 28, and as with all of his previous posts, the message will also be sent out in 8 different languages through separate accounts.

During Benedict's rein, the Catholic Church as increased its presence on the web, and Benedict even sanctioned an iPhone app for confession in addition to sending out his first papal tweet using an iPad.

It's unclear if the next pope will follow in Benedict's footsteps in being as accepting of new technology, and if he does decide to continue the new papal tradition of tweeting, he may need to get his own account. According to ANSA, although the @Pontifex account doesn't include Benedict's name, it is currently considered to be his account. Of course that could change too.

When the cardinals all gather next month in Rome to select the new pope, cardinals who use social media will silence their accounts until the selection process is completed. It is customary for the papal conclave to remain silent and sequestered from the public until a new pope is chosen.