Cleveland Ranks Worst In the Nation In Flossing Teeth

The latest poll released about Cleveland isn't one to smile about. Clevelanders have lousy teeth according to a new poll conducted by DenTek. The oral care product maker released a survey that says
Cleveland is the place that floss their teeth the least out of any big city in the country.

"We commissioned this consumer opinion survey to drill down into flossing habits and behaviors in America's biggest cities," said Charlotte Havely, vice president of marketing for DenTek, a national leader in oral care products."

Los Angeles can proudly show their pearly whites. La la land has the most frequent teeth flossing habits. At least Chief Wahoo still isn't afraid to display his ear-ear grin.

Here is a a complete look at the list.

Worst Cities for Flossing - 1. Cleveland 2. Seattle/Tacoma 3. Dallas/Fort Worth 4. San Fransico/San Jose 5. Chicago.

Best - 1. LA 2. Boston 3. Detroit 4. Miami 5. Atlanta