Study Shows Women Need More Sleep Than Men & Their Health Suffers if They Don't Get It

Researchers at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, have discovered that women require more sleep there's a good chance that many women aren't getting enough.

Scientists say that women suffer more than men, both mentally and physically, if they skimp on their sleep. In addition to a higher risk of heart disease, depression and psychological problems, sleep-deprived women also have extra clotting factors in the blood, which could lead to a stroke. Women who don't get enough sleep also have higher inflammation markers, which indicate developing health problems.

Sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus says that inflammation marks are also linked to pain, and explains that women can literally be in more pain when they wake up.

In contrast, a man's health does not appear to be nearly as closely linked to how much they sleep. In the Duke University study, men showed no increased risk of developing the ailments that affect women who are sleep deprived.

Dr. Breus added:

"We found that women had more depression, women had more anger, and women had more hostility early in the morning."

Dr. Breus advises that if you can't get enough sleep at night, try taking strategic naps. He warns, however, that those naps should be either 25 minutes or 90 minutes long because any other length will make the person feel worse when they awake.