Changes to Cleveland Browns Uniforms Won't Come Until 2015, But They Could be Major

Last week during NFL owners meetings in Phoenix, the Cleveland Browns committed to changing their uniforms in addition to reconsidering every aspect of the team's marketing brand.

What this means is that the Browns will consider new colors, which could end up being new shades of brown and orange, or something totally different. They'll also consider a new, secondary logo that's different from the block letter B inside a football shape. They key word in all of this is "consider", but for diehard Browns fans and Clevelanders any change in the classic Browns uniforms and overall look is cause for concern.

Fortunately, if there are changes made, which it seems that there will be, they will not go into effect for another two years. For the next two years, the Browns will work closely with NFL marketing and Nike on an apparel makeover.

Currently, the team is engaged in a 2-year process, which the Browns' franchise has never undergone before.

Everything about the Browns uniforms and marketing brand is up for discussion to change, except for the helmet.

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III told ESPN Cleveland:

“I will say there will be no change to the helmet. But we will look at everything else. We may change a lot. We may change a little.”

When Haslam started the uniform change process, he had in mind only minor changes to the team's traditional white-on-white and brown-on-white outfits. Done without marketing research, minor changes result in only a 12-month process that is overseen by NFL marketing. Haslam had thought that the team's new uniforms would be ready by the 2014 season.

That appears no longer to be the case, and instead of minor changes, the team could have a drastically different look. After additional consultation with the NFL, Haslam opted to proceed with the more extensive, 24-month process that was recommended by brand marketing experts.

Haslam commented:

“I think we’ll have a better idea of what we want to do after that. This allows you to change anything you want. That doesn’t mean we will. I want to be perfectly clear about that. We just want to get a lot of input from our fans and take our time with it. Because you can do it only every five years.”

Haslam does anticipate that the rollout of the Browns' new look will be a major event.