Brace Yourselves: Cold Expected to Stick Around the Midwest & Northeast Well into April

April will fortunately not be as cold as March, but it's not expected to be very warm either. According to Accuweather, pockets of cold air will continue to invade from the northern Plains to the Midwest and Northeast into the first half of April, dashing hopes of a break from the snow and cold those areas are currently enduring.

The overall weather patten into the first part of April will continue to be about a month behind schedule. March was like a typical February, and Accuweather says that the first half of April will be what March should have been like.

The kind of weather that we can expect from now to mid-April is a bit of a mixed bag. It's likely to include strings of chilly, unsettled days with clouds and showers, or days when it starts off sunny but then brings clouds and thunderstorms with hail. Additional heavy, wet lake effect snow is not even out of the realm of possibility for the Great Lakes area to the central Appalachians.

Fortunately, long-range meteorlogists are expecting that the atmosphere will begin to behave more like it should be for this time of year from the northern Plains to the Midwest and Northeast

Long Range Weather Expert Paul Pastelok says:

"The number of episodes of cold air should gradually fade away during week three and four of April with temperatures and the weather pattern finally trending toward normal."

There will be a brief respite as a short wedge of warmer air will build up over the central states and shift eastward over Easter weekend, just before another wave of cold air and wind moves in.