Former Cuyahoga County Sheriff Bob Reid Announces Plans to Run for Cuyahoga County Executive

Former Cuyahoga County Sheriff Bob Reid, 62, announced on Monday that he is planning to run for the Cuyahoga County Executive position that will be vacated by Ed FitzGerald in 2014 when he runs for governor.

Reid says that he has considered running for the position since April. He believes that his 25 years of experience in city and county affairs makes him qualified for the job. In addition to being a county sheriff for four years, Reid was also a city manager and police chief in Bedford for 10 years.

Reid was appointed Cuyahoga County Sheriff in December 2009 to head up a department that had been plagued by scandal under the leadership of former sheriff Gerald McFaul.

Reid thinks that FitzGerald has done a good job as a county executive, but believes that more still needs to be done. He says that two of his top priorities will be issues of regionalism and the recidivism rate in Cuyahoga County jail.