Rumored Sightings of Tim Tebow at Cleveland Airport Stir Up Browns QB Rumor Mill

The pressure is on the Cleveland Browns front office and Brandon Weeden to perform, with many calling for the quarterback's head (and job) after his performance on Sunday. Fans are ready to move on and find a new savior, and a rumor started Tuesday afternoon is fanning those desires even more. According to Brian Duffy at 19 Action News, there have been sightings of Tim Tebow at Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

Duffy posted to Twitter:

Several Tim Tebow sightings at airport today into @19ActionNews ...looking into it. #Browns

Tebow, who is not currently signed with any NFL team, was the butt of gossip site TMZ's jokes this weekend when they posted pictures of him vacationing in Hawaii with his family. The photos, which were posted under the title "Tim Tebow: Unemployed in Hawaii" were accompanies by quips like "With his NFL career seemingly over, former pro quarterback Tim Tebow hit the beach in Hawaii this weekend ... without his shirt."

If it's true that "no one comes to Cleveland for a vacation" (as one Twitter user put it), and Tebow is in fact in Cleveland to talk with the Browns about a job, then it appears that many fans are excited about the prospect. There are also others who seem to be quiet horrified at the idea of having the former Gators' QB in a Browns jersey, but on social media it seems they are outnumbered by those who are either desperate to replace Weeden with anyone, literally anyone, or who are eager to see Tebow join the Browns because they think he can get the job done.

So far, Duffy over at 19 has failed to provide any updates on his post. The Browns haven't said anything, nor has Tebow or anyone else involved with the Browns organization or even those who regularly cover the team in the media. For now, it's 100% pure speculation and there aren't even any photos to back up the rumored sightings. At this time, we're taking this all with a big heaping spoonful of salt, and not just a grain, but we'll be sure to update if we hear anything new, so stay tuned!