Saab to Begin Making Cars Again Two Years After Exiting the Market

Two years after going belly up, Saab will begin making cars again. The Swedish firm intends to make existing models, and plans to start making electric cars.

Saab went bankrupt in 2011, and was purchased by a Chinese-Swedish investment group, National Electric Vehicle Sweden, in June 2012.

According to Saab spokesman Mikael Oestlund, initial production levels at the company's factory in western Sweden will be "modest", but will rise if demand grows. The first car to be reproduced will be the 9 x 3 Turbo Saloon, which they will later launch an electric version of.

Oestlund said:

"You can’t change or develop very much in a year. We acquired the assets in August last year. Our focus has been to get the co-operation up and running with 400 suppliers and ensure the facilities were working. We are humble and say we’ll start the production volume with low figures and be able to increase over time according to the market’s demand."

Saab sales peaked in 2006 at 133,000 cars, but three years later had slumped to a mere 27,000.